Support Unit

One needs to use different kind of support units to different kind of ball screws. There are two types of support units: fixed-side and supported-side. This table will help you to choose the appropiate unit.



Applicable screw drive size

Fixed side Supported side
FK FF 6mm - 40mm
EK EF 6mm - 28mm
BK BF 10mm - 50mm


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Support unit catalogue

Fixed-sized support units

Support-sized units

fk-05-08-kis fk-10-30-

kis ff-kis

FK 05 ~ 08

FK 10 ~ 30



kis  ek-10-25

-kis ef-kis

EK 05 ~ 08

 EK 10 ~ 20


bk-kis   bf-kis





In stock support units with fast shipping::

Type Size Accuracy Surface protection
EF 10 C7 Black oxide
EF 15 C3

Black oxide

BF 12 C7

Black oxide

BF 15 C3

Black oxide

BF 17 C3

Black oxide

BF 25 C3

Black oxide

EK 10 P5

Black oxide

EK 15 P5

Black oxide

BK 12 P5

Black oxide

BK 15 P5

Black oxide

BK 17 C3

Black oxide

BK 25 C3

Black oxide

FK 10 P5

Black oxide

FK 15 P5

Black oxide

FK 20 C3

Black oxide

FK 25 C3

Black oxide


The ball screw is responsible for transferring linear motion to rotary motion in machining tools, while maintaining high efficiency, accuracy, capability, rigidity and long life time.

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