Slide table

The NB slide table is a precision table equipped with a slide way. Its high-precision and low-friction characteristics make it well suited for use in electronics automatic-assembly machines, optical measurement devices, etc.

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NVT type

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The NVT type slide table incorporates the NV type slide way. The table and bed have been precision machined to provide a high degree of accuracy and the product can be used, without any need for troublesome accuracy or preload adjustments.


SVT and SVTS type

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In the SVT type slide table, the SV type slide way is sandwiched between an accurately machined steel table and bed.

In the SVTS type, the anti-corrosion SVS type slide way is sandwiched between an accurately machined aluminum table and bed.


SYT and SYTS type

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The SY T/SY TS type is a thin, compact slide table. Either tapped or counterbore type (D type) is available for the mounting hole.

The anti-corrosion SYTS type slide table is made of all stainless steel components, making it suitable for use in clean rooms.



SYBS miniature slide

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The NB miniature slide table SYBS type is a limited stroke table with the most compact envelope dimensions, featuring two ball raceway grooves. The SYBS type utilizes balls as the rolling elements.  The ultra compact design contributes greatly to the creation of smaller and lighter industrial machinery and equipment of all types.



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