Shafts, shaft support and shaft support rail

The NB's SHAFTS is used with bearings such as a slide bush in order to obtain highly accurate linear motion. When used in combination with a slide bush, the shaft performs as the inner race of the bearing system. The quality and accuracy of the shaft directly affect the performance of the slide bush. NB slide shaft is manufactured with an emphasis on quality and accuracy to ensure stable functionality under many operating conditions. Superior performance is guaranteed for both rotational motion and combined rotation and linear motion.

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Type of shafts


SN normal

SNS anti-corrosion

SNT hollow shaft



SNW normal

SNWS anti-corrosion




Features SN and SNB SNS and SNSB SNT
Material SUJ2 Equivalent to SUS440C anti-corrosion SUJ2 hollow shaft
Outer diameter tolerance G6 or to be specified
Hardness 60 HRC or more 56 HRC or more 60HRC or more
Surface roughness less than 0,4 Ra



SNB normal pre-drilled for fixing shaft support rail

SNSB anti-corrosion pre-drilled for fixing shaft support rail



SNW-PD normal pre-drilled for fixing shaft support rail

SNWS-PD anti-corrosion pre-drilled for fixing shaft support rail


Shaft support rail

SNB / SNBS for metric shaft


SNW-PD / SNWS-PD inch shaft


Low-height shaft support rail


A larger diameter shaft can overcome problems in maintaining precision functionality when a high or unbalanced load is applied. A combination of the center-lined tapped shaft together with the SA type support rail is ideal in such cases. The center-lined tapped shaft is standardized to simplify shaft selection.


Shaft supporter

Metric Inch
sh-a wh-a


FIT series


Due to the combined tolerance of the bush's bore and the shaft's diameter, accuracy can be affected by clearance or increased dynamic friction caused by preloading.

NB's FIT series takes advantages of the lower cost slide bush and precision ground shaft to achieve a target clearance in order for the linear system to produce a smooth, high-accuracy performance.


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