Protective bellow

For what and why is the bellow good?

  • Protection elements for equipment.
  • Protect people, protect machines.
  • Resistance to chemical and mechanical attack.
  • Adaptable to all applications, custom fabrication.
  • Different types for different needs.
    • Bench bellow for guides, linear guides and spindle.
    • Circular or hexagonal bellow for spindle and shaft.
    • Courtains bellow to close apertures.
    • Rectangular bellow for lifting platforms.
    • Roller blind for large length in small place.
    • PVC bellow with total sealing and more aesthetic.
  • Avaiable from one unit to large series.
  • Multi-sectoral applications: machine tool, renewable energy, automotive, aerospace, etc.

Types of fabrics

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Types of the bellows

SGH - For linear guides

FCI - Circular bellow

FBA, FBG - Bench bellow

FBAm, FBGm - Bench bellow

FCU - Rectangular bellow

FEX - Hexagonal bellow

FCO/FCOm - Courtain bellow

FES - Custom produce

CEN - Roller blind

CENB - Roller blind

FCIJ - Rubber bellow

FCIJ - Rubber bellow

ALR/ALRB - Aluminium courtain

MS - Spiral bellow